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A Company You Can Trust: Gold Supplier in Alibaba 12+ years already. Guangzhou Leadway Electronic Technology Ltd, Located in Guangzhou China. Professional Manufacture in LED car lighting, Motorcycle Lights, Truck Lights, LED Lights Strip, Lightbar, and other motorcycle accessories parts. Also, our products get a good reputation in this field, Our service also has won praises from customers worldwide.

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Car LED Knowledge

How Much Do You Know About The LED Car Taillights ?

The taillights combination assembly of the car include: turn signals, brake lights, position lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, and parking lights. Among them, some models combine brake lights and position lights, and the bulbs are double-wired. The rear fog lights and the reversing lights are distributed like this: left fog lights, right reversing lights, that is, single fog light single reversing lights. The turn signal and brake light are symmetrical, one on each side. The lampshade consists of red, yellow and white. The parking light, brake light and position light red light cover emit red light, the fog light white light cover emits yellow light, and the reverse light yellow light cover emits yellow light.

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Development Trend of Jeep LED Taillights

Why are more and more Jeep owners changing the led taillights for Wrangler JK or JL? As an ideal taillight, it should have the following characteristics: (1) Higher luminous intensity and reasonable light intensity distribution; (2) rapid illuminating rising front time; (3) long life, maintenance-free, low energy consumption; (4) The switch has strong durability; (5) Good resistance to vibration and shock. At present, the light source used in the taillights of automobiles is mainly incandescent lamps, and some new light sources such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and neon lights have appeared.

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Car LED Knowledge

Why LED Car Headlights Have A Longer Life?

LED Car Headlights Have A Longer Life. At present, the main sources of LED car headlights are halogen, xenon and LED. Halogen headlights are the most common. More than 60% of new cars on the market now use halogen headlights. The advantages are low manufacturing and maintenance costs, easy replacement, and obvious shortcomings. As a former “advanced product”, Xenon headlights were once popular, with high brightness and long exposure distance. It was once considered a must-have by car owners. With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has gradually become the trend of the future. Nowadays, in the field of household lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream. The reason is very simple. The LED light source is replaced with a smaller power for better brightness. Better lighting results in lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan.  

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Car LED Knowledge

What Are The Benefits Of Installing LED Lights?

What Are The Benefits Of Installing LED Lights? At present, we all know that the mainstream headlights in the automotive lighting industry are nothing more than xenon lamps and halogen lamps. However, LED lights have gradually emerged. Although the technology of LED lights is not mature enough, the future LED lights will become the leader in the automotive lighting industry. What are the advantages of the two LED lights? ? 1. Energy saving and cost reduction year by year. The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is relatively high, more than twice that of fluorescent lamps. However, if we use energy-saving lamps for household use, it can save about 1 times more energy than incandescent lamps, and energy-saving lamps are more than three times more energy-efficient than LED lamps. The same is true for car use. The same daytime running lights, LED energy consumption only accounts for 1/20 of the halogen lamp, and the current cost of LED is also decreasing year by year. According to statistics, the price of LED lighting is 20% per year. Sharply reduced. 2, long life At present, the average service life of automotive LED lights can reach more than 50,000 hours, and some well-known lighting suppliers can provide LED components with a life expectancy of more than 100,000, which is equivalent to no need to

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